About Us

Apeiron AgroCommodities (AA) is a trading and consulting company focusing in Bioenergy, as well as related agricultural and chemical products. We deal with the entire chain of products involved in biodiesel production, from feedstock to the end products - biodiesel and glycerine.

Besides palm biodiesel, we also look at biodiesel derived from other feedstock including, but not limited to sunflower, rapeseed, coconut, waste vegetable oil and Jatropha.

Our service scope includes:

  • Supply and logistics of feedstock to biodiesel producers.
  • Supply and logistics of biomass to bioenergy conversion.
  • Trading of related agricultural chemical products.
  • Production and trading of biodiesel.
  • Partnerships and equity investments in biodiesel projects: Apeiron is interested in establishing long-term strategic partnerships with biodiesel producers and is prepared to invest.
  • Risk management/hedging structures to biodiesel suppliers who need to fix feedstock supply prices and/or estherification margins.
  • Apeiron has 2 subsidiaries in the business of collecting Used Cooking Oil, which is used as a feedstock in the production of biodiesel

We are committed to addressing the ever increasing need for affordable and clean sources of energy in the world. With a corporate headquarters in Singapore, we are ideally positioned beside Malaysia and Indonesia -the world's top two producers of palm oil. The region is also home to some of the world's largest biodiesel facilities.