Apeiron Factor

At Apeiron AgroCommodities, our global operations stem from our extensive knowledge and experience in supply chain improvement, risk management, and client-focused distribution to create a valuable and profitable environment for our suppliers and customers:


We have established long-term and valuable relationships with established biodiesel suppliers globally and buyers with strong credit standing and international logistics providers. We have a third party liquid storage business, our own chemical vessels, marketing and distributing network.


Our staff has a specialist overview of Commodity Markets with extensive experience in trading the various commodities that are tied to the price of crude palm oil and directly affects the price of PME. We also have backgrounds in ship brokers and futures and financial houses.


Our biodiesel products meet EN 14214, ASTM D-6751 and SNI 04-7182 which are required Europe, US and Indonesian standards respectively.


In mapping out their business and market strategies, our suppliers and customers have benefited from the insightful research work of our research reports that cover biofuel market fundamentals, forecasting, global overview and regional focus. We understand and follow the factors and trends behind price movements.