Product - Biomass

Wood Products

Wood Pellets

Sustainability is a key factor for renewable markets. Apeiron represents FSC/PEFC certified suppliers for industrial market and EN Plus/DIN Plus certified suppliers for heating market.

Description: Biofuels made from compressed organic matter or biomass.

  1. Power generation
  2. Commercial or residential heating
  3. Horse bedding
  4. Absorbents
  1. Uniformly-sized
  2. Easy to store and transport
  3. CO2-neutral


Description: Medium-sized solid material made by cutting, or chipping, larger pieces of wood.

  1. Solid fuel for energy plants
  2. Wood pulp

Sawn Timber, Genban

We believe that renewable materials have many advantages. Wood is recyclable and can be turned into bioenergy at the end of its cycle. Apeiron offers a wide range of wood products for different joinery purposes. We provide best products from Russian wood cut according to customer's needs.

  • Made of Russian Whitewood
  • High quality products from Russian slowly growing forest areas
  • Cut and graded according to customer needs
  • Flexible dimensions and lengths

  1. Joinery purposes like windows manufacturers, interior panels and doors
  2. Construction
  3. Packaging basic wood

Exterior Cladding and Interior Paneling

  1. Claddings for facades
  2. Indoor ceilings and walls
  3. Floorings